Albert lin 4×4 accident

How did Albert Lin become an amputee?

His right leg was amputated from the knee down last year following an off-road vehicle accident. Snapping the reigns of a chestnut horse, Albert Lin galloped across the broad plains of Mongolia, unleashing the exuberance he felt searching for the tomb of Genghis Khan, the notorious 13th century conqueror.

What ethnicity is Albert Lin?

“The idea to search for the tomb of Genghis Khan occurred to me while traveling with friends in Mongolia; I came back dreaming of doing something that everyone thought was impossible,” says Albert Lin , who has become steeped in Mongolian culture, and was even adopted into a Mongolian family in 2006.

Where is Albert Yu Min Lin from?

Hong Kong

Who is Albert Lin Natgeo?

Spurred by his own experience, National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin is testing the power of technology and the brain to heal. Transformational ideas can come from anywhere. Albert Lin has made a career of using technology to fuel big new discoveries. He employed satellites and radar to seek Genghis Khan’s tomb.

How did Albert Lim loose his leg?

In 2016, he lost his right leg below the knee to a vehicle accident. A cell phone scans Albert Lin’s residual limb to create a digital, 3D model of his leg . The model will be used to build a custom-fitted socket and prosthesis that can be 3D printed.

Who is Albert Lim?

Albert Lim (Traditional Chinese: 林俊) is a Hong Kong Baritone graduated from the Royal College of Music and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

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Is Lost Cities with Albert Lin real?

Lin said that, unlike other adventure or discovery series where a host just parachutes in to talk about things that have already happened, “We actually make real discoveries on this series. There’s real things that have been found that were never seen before,” he said.

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