Deandre hopkins mom accident

What was thrown on DeAndre Hopkins Mom?

The incident occurred over a domestic dispute, and a woman whom Greenlee didn’t even know threw the combination of lye and bleach at her face in a bout of jealous rage. Greenlee was airlifted to a hospital in Georgia, where she was taken care of for several weeks.

How did DeAndre Hopkins Mom lost her sight?

Greenlee lost her vision in 2002 in an acid attack when a woman threw a combination of lye and bleach on her during a domestic dispute involving a man Greenlee had been dating. She remained in a medically induced coma for several weeks.

Who is DeAndre Hopkins mother?

Сабрина Гринли

Did DeAndre Hopkins dropped a pass in 2018?

DeAndre Hopkins has not dropped a pass in 2018 .

Does DeAndre Hopkins have a girlfriend?

DeAndre Hopkins Girlfriend Jennifer Lemmons.

What is DeAndre Hopkins net worth?

DeAndre Hopkins is an American football wide receiver for the Houston Texans of the NFL. Hopkins was drafted by the Texans in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He played college football at Clemson. As of 2020, DeAndre Hopkins ‘ net worth is roughly $2 Million.

What is DeAndre Hopkins 40 yard dash time?

4.57 seconds

Does DeAndre Hopkins have a child?

Hopkins , who has a 5-year-old daughter , announced he’d be donating his entire game check this week to assist with funeral costs and to support the reward fund. “On Saturday, I will be playing in your honor, Jazmine.”

Did Watson and Hopkins play together at Clemson?

Along with Hopkins , quarterback Deshaun Watson , nose tackle D.J. Reader and defensive end Carlos Watkins also played at Clemson , with Watson and Watkins winning a national championship at Clemson to cap the 2016 season.

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What happened Savannah Grant?

Savannah Carlita Grant , the woman who hurled the gruesome concoction, pleaded guilty to assault and battery with intent to kill and was sentenced to 20 years in a South Carolina penitentiary, where she has remained since 2003, according to court documents.

Who leads the NFL in dropped passes?

NFL Team Leaderboards: Rushing

NFL Passes Dropped
Rank Team Passes Dropped
1 Dallas Cowboys 9
2 Detroit Lions 9
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9

Who has the least drops in NFL history?

Larry Fitzgerald has the best hands in NFL history , and this stat proves it. Larry Fitzgerald’s hands are so impressive he might have the most mind-boggling stat of any wide receiver to ever play the game. Over the course of his career, Fitzgerald has more tackles (39) than drops (29).

Has Larry Fitzgerald ever dropped a pass?

A career that began in 2004 has seen Fitzgerald accumulate 17,083 receiving yards (second all-time) on 1,378 catches and 120 touchdowns (sixth all-time). Even more mind-boggling is that on 2,263 targets, the veteran wideout has only dropped 29 passes . Fitzgerald has been widely available throughout his career as well.

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