Fallon taylor accident

What happened to Fallon Taylor?

She fractured her skull in four places, shattered bones on the right side of her face along with her eye socket, and fractured her C-2 vertebra. Doctors predicted only 2 percent chance that she would walk again. Taylor made it her only goal to recover from her injuries.

What is Fallon Taylor’s address?

Fallon Taylor Address. 5055 Wilshire Blvd . 5055 Wilshire Blvd . If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow.

How old is Fallon Taylor?

38 лет ()

How many siblings does Fallon Taylor have?

two siblings

What is the fastest barrel racing time ever?

13.46 seconds

What saddle does Fallon Taylor use?

Cactus saddlery dynamic edge saddle by Fallon Taylor .

How do I contact Fallon Taylor?

A: For any questions, you can get in touch by email at [email protected]

How old is Hailey Kinsel?

26 years (October 3, 1994)

Who does Fallon end up with in Dynasty 2017?

Yes, we would have seen Fallon and Liam get married, which we may still see next season. Episode 20 recalibrated all of the relationships to take us into the last two episodes, and everything was going to sort of come to a head.

What breed of horse is Babyflo?

homebred American Quarter Horse mare

How old is Alex McCray?

Alex McCray , 22, a junior majoring in social work at Fontbonne University, died in St. Louis on Jan. 4.

Is Babyflo retired?

On Monday Fallon Taylor announced on that she was bringing Babyflo out of retirement . This morning, she shared the much anticipated video of the world champion barrel horse’s return to the area. Watch the video Fallon posted on Instagram below.

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Who is Fallon Taylor engaged to?

Alex McCray

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