Fox 8 news anchor husband accident

Who is Stefani Schaefer married to?

Roger DePenti

Where does Stephanie Schaefer live?


What is Stephanie Schaefer salary?

Stefani Schaefer Salary Schaefer receives an annual average salary of $52,900. This is according to Fox 8 News anchors/reporters’ salaries.

Is Natalie Herbick engaged?

Natalie Herbick has never got married or even engaged to anyone, has no husband.

What happened to Kenny Crumpton?

Fox 8’s Kenny Crumpton has returned to the air after being arrested last week for driving under the influence of alcohol. He released this message this morning to his viewers.

How much is Stephanie Schaefer worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Stephanie L Schaeffer is at least $15.3 Million dollars as of 22 October 2020. Ms.

Is Hollie Strano single?

Hollie Strano is a 47 years old Certified Meteorologist who currently works for the WKYC station. Quick Facts and Information Hollie Strano .

Full Name Hollie Strano
Marital Status Divorced
Sexuality Straight
Ex-Husbands / Spouse / Partner Brian Toohig, Alex Giangreco
Children Two (Grady / Jessica Toohig)

Who is the new weather girl on Fox 8 Cleveland?

Jenn Harcher

What is Tracy Mccool salary?

As a producer of a show and a successful reporter; she earns in hundred thousand a year. Her base salary is indicated to be $70,000, and she makes at least $50,000 from being a producer. Tracy’s estimated net worth as of 2018 is $1 million including her $4,000 worth of Bulldog and $1,000 worth Maltese.

How much money do Cleveland news anchors make?

News Anchor Salary in Cleveland, OH

Percentile Salary Last Updated
25th Percentile News Anchor Salary $48,665 October 28, 2020
50th Percentile News Anchor Salary $60,671 October 28, 2020
75th Percentile News Anchor Salary $80,023 October 28, 2020
90th Percentile News Anchor Salary $97,642 October 28, 2020
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Is Melissa Myers still married?

Yeah, weatherman, Melissa Mac is a happily married woman. In July 2014 she announced on FOX 8 News that she was engaged to her ex-boyfriend , Ryan Myers .

What is Wayne Dawson’s salary?

$ 72,507

How much do Fox 8 Cleveland news anchors make?

The average salary for the role of Reporter at Fox 8 News in Greater Cleveland is $53,600.

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