Hulu the accident

What is the accident on Hulu about?

Tragedy strikes the welsh town of Glyngolau when an accident on a construction site kills a group of trespassing children. Grief quickly turns to anger and the families cry for justice. But as the gears of justice slowly turn, challenging truths begin to emerge.

Is the accident Hulu true story?

A new Channel 4 drama, The Accident , shows the terrible impact a building site tragedy has on a community in Wales. Written by Jack Thorne – the writer behind Kiri and National Treasure – the town and the plotline are entirely fictional, but Thorne has drawn on some parallels with other upsetting national events.

How many episodes is the accident on Hulu?


Where does the accident on Hulu take place?

“The Accident ” takes place in a relatively small Welsh town that is in the middle of a festive walk on an average day.

How many episodes is the accident?


What happened in the last episode of the accident?

November 14, 2019

Is the accident based on Aberfan?

Jack Thorne’s drama The Accident isn’t about Aberfan . Yet, inescapably, it is. It is set in 2019 in the fictional Rhondda town of Glyngolau and the accident in question isn’t coal-related, but the collapse of a half- built construction project, which kills one workman and eight teenagers.

What day is the accident Channel 4?

The Accident started on 24 October, and continues on on Channel 4 on Thursday nights at 9pm for a total of four episodes.

Where is the accident filmed Channel 4?

The series has been filmed on location in Porth, Rhondda and Pontyclun. The very first scene opens to show the village of Maerdy in the Rhondda Valleys as the backdrop.

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Who is Martin in the accident?

Shaun Parkes

Where can I watch the accident?

Platforms Netflix. Disney+

Will there be more episodes of the accident?

Will there be a season two of The Accident ? Unfortunately it doesn’t look very likely. The four-part- series came to an end on November 14, 2019. The way that it ended wrapped up the story so it is very unlikely it will be back for a second offering.

What does Pooka say at the end?

ends exactly how it begins, with a Pooka doll repeating the phrase “look at all the pretty lights.” There’s a reason why the film is punctuated by moments of red and blue flashing lights, and there’s a reason why the timeline doesn’t all add up.

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