Kanye west before car accident

What happened to Kanye West’s mouth?

That October, as West was driving home from a recording session in a California studio, he was involved in a head-on car collision that left him with a shattered jaw. He wrote and recorded a song about the experience, “Through the Wire,” with his jaw still wired shut following reconstructive surgery.

What was Kanye’s first hit?

Through the Wire

How do I get in contact with Kanye West?

You can contact Kanye West through United Talent Agency office address, which is Kanye West United Talent Agency 9336 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604 USA. His official contact information given right here: You can contact Kanye West through call on (310) 273-6700.

Who sang through the wire?

Канье Уэст

Why did Kanye jaw surgery?

Kanye was in a near fatal a car accident in 2002 after he fell asleep behind the wheel leaving the recording studio. He had to have his jaw wired shut as part of his facial reconstruction surgery .

Who wrote through the wire?

Kanye West David Foster Cynthia Weil Tom Keane

What is Kanye’s biggest hit?

8. ” Ni**as in Paris,” Jay Z & Kanye West, No. 7. ” Run This Town,” Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West, No. 6. ” Slow Jamz,” Twista feat. 5. ” Knock You Down,” Keri Hilson feat. 4. ” Heartless ,” Kanye West, No. 3. ” Stronger ,” Kanye West, No. 2. ” E.T.,” Katy Perry feat. 1. ” Gold Digger ,” Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx, No.

Who has the most number 1 hits?

The Beatles

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Who has more hits Kanye or Jay Z?

West’s was the bigger commercial hit — selling 3 million to Jay’s 1.5 million — while Jay – Z’s earlier effort has proved to be more influential. It’s impossible to draw up a respectable list of the top hip-hop albums in history and not include both.

Who is richer Kanye or Kim?

Kardashian West has launched several new businesses, including the shapewear line SKIMS and her cosmetics line KKW Beauty. In 2020, Forbes reported that Kardashian West now has a net worth of $780 million, while Kanye’s net worth is $1.3 billion.

What is Kanye West’s worth?

1.3 billion USD (2020)

Is Kanye actually running for president?

YES! Kanye West announced his 2020 United States presidential election campaign through Twitter on July 4, 2020, Independence Day. On July 16, 2020, the campaign filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.

When did through the wire come out?


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