Mariah was in an accident and lost her life because

What caused baby David’s death?

What caused Baby David’s death ? What caused Sean’s brain injury? Nothing touched his head. At the point of impact, Sean’s head continued to move and as his head went from side to side, his brain rubbed up against the inside of his skull and caused his injury which is called Severe Diffuse Axonal.

What does AJ hit?

What did AJ hit ? Talking on the phone, texting, applying makeup, eating, drinking, chatting with friends in the car are ALL distractions that can result in fatal crashes. Driver inattention is one of the main causes of crashes, injuries, and death.

Where did AJS dad find AJS phone?

Impact Texas Young Drivers(ITYD)

Where does AJ’s dad find AJ’s phone ? Behind the dashboard
What did AJ hit? 18 Wheeler
Driver inattention is one of the main causes of crashes, injuries, and death true
If a driver looks down for just one second while driving 65 mph, their vehicle has traveled almost 50 feet. False

How long is the impact Texas Drivers video?

2 hour

Does the de 964 expire?

After passing the exam, we will quickly email you the official Texas Driver Education certificate, the DE – 964 . Our driving lessons tell the parent EXACTLY what to do in the vehicle. Easy! The remaining coursework does NOT have an expiration .

How long is the impact drivers video?

The Impact Texas Teen Drivers program (ITTD) is a two-hour video course designed to further prepare teens to be safe drivers . The course is broken into eight (8) 15-minute videos that you can watch separately.

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How long does a driving test certificate last?

two years

What’s the ITYD process?

Why Is the ITYD Program Important? The ITYD program is a one-hour, three-module video that shares the stories of real Texans who’ve been impacted by distracted driving. It was developed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

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