Pearl jam song about car accident

Is Last Kiss based on a true story?

The song was supposedly based on the true story of Jeanette Clark and J.L. Hancock, who were both 16 years old when their car hit a tractor-trailer on a road in rural Barnesville, Georgia. The song was written by Wayne Cochran, who lived on Route 1941 in Georgia, about 15 miles from the crash site.

Who originally sang the song last kiss?

J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers

Who wrote last kiss Pearl Jam?

Уэйн Кокран

Who wrote most of Pearl Jam’s songs?

Eddie Vedder

What album is Pearl Jam last kiss on?

2000-05-26: Velodromo Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain (#3)



Who sang last kiss in the 50’s?


What happened to J Frank Wilson?

Wilson died on October 4, 1991, at the age of 49, from alcoholism and complications from diabetes.

How old is J Frank Wilson?

49 years (1941–1991)

When did Pearl Jam release last kiss?


Does Pearl Jam mean sperm?

The band also doesn’t seem to have intended their name to refer to semen . They just liked the word “ Pearl ”: it’s surfer slang for submerging the nose of your board, it’s a good Janis Joplin record, it was the nickname of basketball great Earl Monroe, and Vedder did have a cool great-grandmother named Pearl .

Why did Pearl Jam write black?

On the 2011 book Pearl Jam Twenty, Vedder said about the meaning of the song: It’s about first relationships. The song is about letting go. It’s very rare for a relationship to withstand the Earth’s gravitational pull and where it’s going to take people and how they’re going to grow.

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Why are Pearl Jam called Pearl Jam?

Mookie Blaylock soon signed to Epic Records and renamed themselves Pearl Jam . In an early promotional interview, Vedder said that the name ” Pearl Jam ” was a reference to his great-grandmother Pearl , who was married to a Native American and had a special recipe for peyote-laced jam .

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