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What is there to do in Santa Clarita today?

Top Attractions in Santa Clarita Six Flags Magic Mountain . 5,302 reviews. See 3 Experiences. The Gentle Barn. 56 reviews. Nature & Parks. Gibbon Conservation Center. 59 reviews. Food & Drink. Pulchella Winery. 11 reviews. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor . 436 reviews. Telco Brewery. 5 reviews. The Canyon. 17 reviews. Pocock Brewing. 4 reviews.

Is Santa Clarita dangerous?

With a safety score of 91.12 out of 100, Santa Clarita was recognized for having a violent crime rate of 1.63 crimes per 1,000 people, a lower rate than the national average at 4.49 crimes. The city’s property crime rate of 14.24 was also lower than the national rate, which reached 27.11 crimes per 1,000 individuals.

Is Santa Clarita a rich area?

Santa Clarita in and of itself is a pretty wealthy area . I’d say stevenson ranch, sand canyon and parts of old Newhall are where you will find the million dollar homes and the wealthiest parts of our community.

Has it ever snowed in Santa Clarita?

Jan. 2, 2011. The Santa Clarita Valley got a dusting of powder six years ago today.

What is Santa Clarita famous for?

Santa Clarita is home to some of the most important historic sites in California. Take a trip back into Southern California history and visit Mentryville, California’s Pioneer Oil Town and home to “Pico Number 4,” the longest running oil well in the world.

What is there to do in Santa Clarita this weekend?

25 Best Things to Do in Santa Clarita , Southern California Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. © Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Vasquez Rocks. Things to Do in Santa Clarita : Gibbon Conservation Center. The Gentle Barn. Placerita Canyon Nature Center. Things to Do in Santa Clarita : Tesoro Adobe Park. Santa Clarita’s Public Art. Santa Clarita Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Is Santa Clarita a safe place to live?

Santa Clarita consistently remains one of the safest cities in California as well as in the nation. Overall, Santa Clarita is the 4th safest among California cities with a population of at least 150,000 people and is the 13th safest in the United States.

Is Santa Clarita expensive?

Cost of Living in Santa Clarita , California Santa Clarita , California’s cost of living is 44% higher than the national average. The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area.

How much do you need to make to live in Santa Clarita?

Median Income & Debt-To-Income Ratio Santa Clarita has a median income of about $100,451 for people who own homes. Based on that number, a maximum of $2,344 should be spent on expenses related to housing. Renters have a slightly different median income, which is $58,280.

What celebrities live in Santa Clarita?

Current residents of Santa Clarita are: Jason Gore, a professional golfer; Bryan Herta, an open-wheel race-car driver; Steve Borden , a professional wrestler; and Kyle Boller, a National Football League quarterback.

Where should I live in Santa Clarita?

Some of the best neighborhoods for a comfortable and safe experience while living in Santa Clarita are Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, and Saugus.

What does Santa Clarita mean?

Little Santa Clara

How hot does it get in Santa Clarita?

In Santa Clarita , the summers are hot , arid, and clear and the winters are cold , wet, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 95°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 103°F.

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How far is it from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita?

Distance between Santa Clarita and Los Angeles is 47 kilometers ( 29 miles ). Driving distance from Santa Clarita to Los Angeles is 55 kilometers ( 34 miles ).

Does it snow in Malibu California?

Communities including Malibu , West Hollywood, Pasadena and Northridge got hit with a bit of snow Thursday. But very little of it was sicking to the ground. The last time it snowed in Los Angeles was in January 1962, according to Los Angeles Public Library archives.

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