Supreme patty car accident

Is Supreme Patty in jail?

Supreme Patty —the Instagram star who took credit for the egg that got more likes than Kylie Jenner—was arrested on Saturday for possession of firearms, according to TMZ. He was booked on a felony firearm possession and kept at Volusia County jail on a $3,250 bond, which he later posted.

Why did Supreme Patty get jumped?

He noted it happened at a Shoreline Mafia concert a year ago while he was drunk backstage. He said people in the backstage area were trying to record him while he was sleeping, which caused him and the two people he was with to get into an altercation.

How much money is supreme Patty worth?

Supreme Patty’s net worth is estimated at $300 thousand.

Did Supreme Patty lose?

Instagram personality and Daytona Beach native Patrick ” Supreme Patty ” Wallace lost his amateur boxing debut by unanimous decision to 27-year-old Rudy Prieto out of Pensacola. The flamboyant Patty , who has the ” Supreme ” red skateboarding brand logo tattooed across his solar plexus, brought the theatrics to the fight.

Who is supreme Patty dating?

Meghan Marie Buchanan

Why is supreme Patty famous?

He opened his Instagram account in 2013 using “@ SupremePatty ” as his handle after creating it in a name generator. He opened his YouTube channel 2 years later in April of 2015. His first viral video was him eating 3 hot dogs in 5 seconds. It went viral thanks to Orlando Bloom sharing it with his followers.

Is Supreme Patty Rich?

Estimated Net Worth: $4 Million Supreme Patty is the professional name of Patrick Wallace. Wallace was born on December 18th, 1997. He is from Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Does Supreme Patty do drugs?

‘Once I became a senior, I got into more hardcore drugs such as Xanax, cocaine , acid, shrooms, molly, etc,’ he continued. I quit all drugs after that and ended up getting a job for the count, as a lifeguard for Volusia County on the beach,’ he shared.

What happen to Supreme Patty?

Instagram star Supreme Patty pulled over for speeding in Florida. According to an arrest affidavit from the Port Orange Police Department, cops spotted Supreme Patty driving erratically. He was eventually pulled over after his pickup was clocked at traveling at speeds up to 100mph.

How old is supreme Patty?

22 years

Are Supreme Patty chains really free?

Best of all, according to Wallace, the chains would normally go for $100—but he’s selling them for free . “Swipe up to get iced up,” Wallace urges his fans in his Instagram Stories. The free chains , it turns out, aren’t actually that free .

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