Thunder river rapids accident

What happened on the Thunder River Rapids ride?

Just after 2pm, 34-year-old Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi, and Sydney mother Cindy Low got on the Thunder River Rapids ride . They were killed when two rafts collided, flipping them onto a mechanical conveyer belt.

How did the Thunder River Rapids accident happen?

The Thunder River Rapids Ride Near the finish, the raft rides up a conveyor belt before slowly descending back into the trench full of water. But on this day in 2016, an empty raft got stuck, causing the raft coming behind to flip on its side. Two victims were crushed between the raft and the conveyor belt.

How did the dreamworld victims actually die?

The operator of Australia’s Dreamworld theme park has been fined A$3.6m (£2m; $2.5m) over the deaths of four people on a malfunctioning water ride. Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozbeh Araghi and Cindy Low died in October 2016 when their raft crashed into another and overturned, crushing them.

What happened at Dreamworld accident?

How did the accident happen ? The collision took place at the end of the Thunder River Rapids ride, an attraction that simulated the experience of white-water rafting. The malfunction happened about 15 seconds after a pump stopped working and caused water levels to drop, the coroner was told in 2018.

Is Dreamworld closing down?

Dreamworld was closed for a total of 177 days, from 23 March 2020 until 15 September 2020.

What are injuries incompatible with life?

Injuries not compatible with life . These include but are not necessarily limited to decapitation, catastrophic brain trauma , incineration, severing of the body, or injuries that do not permit effective administration of CPR.

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How do river rapid rides work?

The flowing water makes its way over wooden logs or plastic tubes strapped to the base of the river channel, which disrupt the smooth flow of the water, thus providing the ride with its ‘ rapids ‘.

What were the injuries sustained at Dreamworld?

The deaths of Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi are under examination at a coronial inquest on the Gold Coast after the group were killed instantly when their raft collided with an empty vessel and flipped backwards in October 2016.

What does incompatible with life mean in an accident?

“ Incompatible with life ”. As reports, “ incompatible with life ” is the official phrase used prior to a patient being officially declared deceased – something that can only be done by a medical doctor.

Who owns Ardent Leisure?

Its Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are home to more than 40 rides and slides. Dreamworld is also a wildlife conservation park, housing more than 500 animals. 2020.

Name Title
Gary Hilton Weiss Non-Executive Chairman
Darin E. Harper Group Chief Financial Officer
Randy A. Garfield Director

How long has Dreamworld been around?


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