West seattle bridge accident

What happened on the West Seattle Bridge?

At 2:38 a.m. on June 11, 1978, the freighter Chavez rammed the West Seattle Bridge over the Duwamish West Waterway, thereby closing it to automobile traffic for the next six years. The pilot and master were both found negligent in causing the collision.

Why is West Seattle Bridge closed?

The West Seattle Bridge will remain closed to traffic at least until 2022 because of the prolonged efforts needed to first brace, and then repair, the cracking concrete main span, the city now predicts.

Is West Seattle Bridge still closed?

The high bridge is closed at least until 2022 while the City assesses and begins work to shore up cracks and increase structural stability.

When did the West Seattle Bridge closed?

March 2020

Is West Seattle Safe?

West Seattle is Great for Families It is home mostly to laid back professionals and retirees — making it a really safe part of Seattle to raise a family in. With access to nature, parks, and community-centric activities, quality of life for families in West Seattle is pretty high (see family moving).

How long was the West Seattle Bridge supposed to last?

75 years

How much did the West Seattle Bridge cost?

All together, WSP assigned a $916 million “life-cycle cost ” price over 75 years to the repair version, comparable to $1.01 billion for the three-span partial replacement. Two more options — a completely new cable-stayed bridge or a shallow immersed-tube tunnel — were both far more expensive, the study found.

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Is the lower West Seattle bridge open on weekends?

Can the Low Bridge be opened to all vehicles during weekend days? Not at this time.

How old is West Seattle Bridge?

36 c. 1984

When was the new West Seattle Bridge built?

In April 1979 City Council approved a plan for the West Seattle Freeway Bridge and after a decade or more of construction the bridge was dedicated on August 9, 1991. It was renamed the Jeanette Williams Memorial Bridge in 2009.

Is the Spokane Street Bridge open?

The Spokane Street Bridge (also known as the Low Bridge ) is closed to the general driving public. The bridge will remain open for transit, freight, and emergency vehicles. Bicyclists and pedestrians will still be able to use the West Seattle Bridge Trail on the lower Spokane Street Bridge .

Where is West Seattle Bridge?

Seattle West Seattle

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